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Featured  World Sites

 Afri-Cam: Fantastic site! Live images of Africa's impressive animals. Contest for viewers who capture unique images. If you like observing wild animals, this site will keep you enthralled.

The Hunger Site 
 “Someone dies of hunger somewhere in the world every 3.6 seconds. The Hunger Site makes it easy for you to help – simply click on the Donate Free Food button and a serving of rice, wheat, maize or another food staple will be donated on your behalf. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors, who get advertising on the site.” 


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Blue Mountain Cards

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PEOPLE: Helping Others in Yuba County and the World


This web site is dedicated to dedicated people...people who conscientiously strive to help others, who continuously try to improve our local and world environments, and who focus on doing things that are spiritually uplifting.


We hope this site develops into IMMENSE proportions!

Featuring . . .

Paw Prints Rescue

      Paw Prints Rescue is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to providing services for homeless pets in the Yuba/Sutter area.  Their volunteers house, feed, and totally care for abandoned and homeless pets.  Be sure to visit their web site at Petfinder.Com.   You will be impressed with the amount of work and care that their volunteers provide in order to make life more comfortable for so many homeless animals.  By the way, if you would like to adopt a pet, be sure to take a look at some of their pets that are up for adoption.  Their online pet gallery of dogs and cats is updated constantly.  If you have ever loved a pet of your own, your heart will simply melt at some of their pictures.  Perhaps you can provide a loving home for one of their pets, volunteer for one of their services, or make a donation to this worthy cause.  You can find all the necessary contact information at their web site.  We at SutterCounty.Com would like to commend everyone at Paw Prints Rescue for providing such a wonderful service!

The USGenWeb Project: Yuba County

Thanks to this group, you may find lots of detailed information about your ancestors!

This local genealogical web site  is dedicated to helping people find their ancestors or roots in Sutter County, California. 

The USGenWeb Project is a loosely organized group of volunteers working to create a center for genealogical research for every county in the United States. USGenWeb is not a commercial enterprise and information found on their pages is freely available to the public.

Your host for this county is Laura Tyler. 

Barry R. Kirshner's Wildlife Foundation

Adonis Blinking

Would you like to visit one of the most fascinating web sites online? 

Check out the site of Barry R. Kirshner's Wildlife Foundation, dedicated to educating people about wildlife and their habitats.  Once you see the animals online, you will want to see them in person!  Located in Durham, California, Kirshner's foundation takes care of a mountain lion, a black African Leopard, a spotted Asiatic Leopard, a Bengal tiger, a Sumatran/Indochinese tigress, a white Siberian tigress, an African lion and lioness, a Canadian/Siberian lynx, an ocelot, and other rare animals.  Click here to find out more about Kirshner's dedication to wildlife and the world.  

Note to Yuba/Sutter teachers:  This is a wonderful place to take your class for a field trip, particularly if you are studying endangered species and/or other wildlife.


The Islamic Center of Yuba City, California


"The Yuba City Mosque draws its inspiration from the tradition in Islam known as Sufism. It is a teaching  which describes human beings as endowed with divine light, and our responsibilities are as custodians and maintainers of all that is of benefit to the community of mankind, the protection of the planet and its inhabitants."

"Sufism, which is sometimes known as the Way of the Heart, is the mystical aspect of Islam, which teaches humankind how to rise above their lower selves, and how to nurture our spiritual nature.
The Islamic Center of Yuba City is blessed to have connections to two Sufi Orders, the Naqshbandi Tariqat and the Qadiri Tariqats. Tariqats, or Sufi Orders, teach that there are as many paths to God as there are people."




Punjabi American
Heritage Society


          The Punjabi American Heritage Society was established in 1993. The purpose of this organization is to bring awareness among local American people, including the American born Punjabis, about the Punjabi culture.
          "One of the major goals of the Punjabi American Heritage Society is to promote friendship and understanding amongst all people. In an effort to meet/expand this goal, the Punjabi American Heritage Society, in partnership with the Sutter County Community Museum, is currently in the process of planning a permanent exhibit to showcase the story of migration of the Punjabi Americans to the United States of America over the last century." 





"This organization is the only one of its kind in Northern California.  We focus on the preservation of our history through every means possible, including dissemination of collaborative efforts via the internet - with databases and materials compiled since 2001 by Kathy (Sedler).  We seek to bring local history to school children, as well as researchers around the world.  YubaRoots acknowledges great importance in the value of working with other organizations in Yuba County, for a collaborative effort in preserving the rich history we all desire to protect."



Migrating birds take a rest in Yuba County, CA.


Yuba County is well-known for its rice fields and migrating birds.









 More info about Yuba County:


w Welcome to Yuba County: This is the official government site for Yuba County. All county services and departments are listed here.


w Marysville, CA Wikipedia Encyclopedia's excellent site...


w Northern CA Travel & Tourism Information Network: Wonderful pictures and info about Yuba and surrounding regions!


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w Beale Air Force Base: A very informative web site about Beale: mission, facts, news, a tour of the base, and great pictures of the U2.


w Marysville Downtown

Business Association:

Marysville Business Improvement District
Directory of Businesses




Yuba County Attractions


w Sleep Train Amphitheatre


w Places of Interest in Marysville and Yuba County


w Sutter Buttes


w Beckwourth Frontier Days


w Sierra Nevada World Music Festival


w  A Travel & Tourism Information Network: Wonderful pictures and info about Yuba and surrounding regions!


w California Travel & Tourism:  CA's official source of travel and tourism information.


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